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General Impression

Trenorol is the latest alternative of Trenbolone, a powerful anabolic steroid which has both bulking and cutting features.

The real purpose is to enhance the overall performance level by which you can transform your physique in any shape and size.

The supplement is a legit product by Crazy Bulk which supports the vascular system of your body and thereby help you work out for longer.

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About Myself

My name is Raphael and I am a registered nurse in Southern California Hospital.

Trenorol review

My parents are both Afro-American which also makes me one like them.

Unlike most people of my race, I was kind of skinny lad with lack of muscle mass in his system.

The reason is that whatever I eat does not get properly absorbed.

My blood test many times showed me a sign of low creatinine level, which is not good at all.

My eating habits are okay, I don’t prefer junk and I eat veggies 2 times a day.

I got engaged with this beautiful girl 6 months ago, I was 109 pounds at that time.

Admittedly, I needed to grow some muscle mass since my height is more than just normal on which being skinny doesn’t suit at all.

It was the time I had to apply some big changes because diet management wasn’t the only option.

In my hospital rotation timings, I got to know about Trenorol from my colleagues who have been on it for a year and by God, they are ripped like hell!

Okay before going towards my Trenorol review there is something I would like to say, I will be 100% honest which means

  1. Either I could hurt anybody’s feelings
  2. It could change your whole perception about bodybuilding

So What is Trenorol?

If you have been a fan of anabolic steroids then it would be easy for you to understand the basics of Trenorol.

Trenorol Results

I did some basic research and all I found on Trenorol were some good remarks and high ranking amongst legal steroids. Nevertheless, what is it?

Trenorol is a natural formula which is designed as a legal alternative of Trenbolone which was banned a long time ago.

The formula is made to increase the quality muscle mass while eradicating the fats from your system.

Trenbolone was banned from the marketing because many people reported hazardous side effects; in many cases, it caused a person’s death on the OD or long-term use.

The original Trenbolone effects in terms of androgenic activity are extremely powerful which can deliver negative outcomes in a form of mental, physical and sexual disorders in men.

What Is It For?

Trenorol can be used for multiple purposes, the formula inside does the main function without any side effects.

Trenorol should only be consumed with a healthy diet plan and continuous exercise schedule upon which it delivers the following effects.

  • Strength Gain
  • Muscle Gain
  • Maximum Fat Elimination
  • Stamina Boost
  • Enhanced Vascularity
  • Preservation of Lean Muscle Mass

Some of the terms might be hard to understand, which I will describe in the parts given below.

How Trenorol Works?

Trenorol was the reason I entered into the bodybuilding field.

Who knows, it could be easier with an extra help.


In order to achieve a healthier and fit physique, your body needs to allow some forms of reactions which are considered beneficial in terms of creating a heap of energy.

The first thing Trenorol formula does to your body is creating maximum nitrogen retaining ability which keeps your muscles in an anabolic state.

The nitrogen retention has its own perks.

  • It supports protein synthesis
  • It keeps your muscles well-nourished
  • It supports fat burn

When your body is producing muscle mass at the same time it is burning fat, you will end up getting ripped body.

Another Trenorol outcome is a significant enhancement of RBC production.

Before using Trenorol I noticed I could only work out for half an hour, but the RBC enhancing effects battle this situation.

It supplies your body, including brain an extra amount of blood supply which boosts your energy amount and allows you to elongate the time at the gym. RBC production can

Eliminate water content from muscles, making them ripped

You will be always energized to do any physical task

What’s In Trenorol?

It was easy to search for Trenorol ingredients since most of them are herbal in nature.

You may have a question that how herbal ingredients could produce such potent effects as an anabolic steroid.

To which the answer is quite simple.

The anabolic-steroid-mimicking property is found in every ingredient, combining these effects in a single bottle and you will get a formula for Trenorol.

Trenorol ingredients

Here is the list of ingredients found in Trenorol.

1. Nettle Leaf Extract:

Clinical studies approved that Nettle Leaf Extract can indeed level up the free Testosterone.

Testosterone helps you build muscle without water retention and it is an excellent muscle recovery agent that fills your muscle with loaded iron dose.

No matter how long your workout time was, it is always easier to recover your muscles from the very next day.

2. Samento Inner Bark:

Samento has the following purposes to be in Trenorol.

  • It opens up blood vessels, improve blood supply
  • Promote red blood cells secretion
  • Increase T-Cells which improves your immune system
  • Battles muscle fatigue and other fever like conditions after a heavy workout

3. Beta-Sitosterol:

Men produce testosterone daily, some of which gets converted to estrogen which we don’t need by the way.

Beta-sitosterol works by inhibiting the conversion of Testosterone into estrogen, which brings a massive shine on your manhood.

It lowers the fat content in your body by elevating free testosterone in your blood pool.

4. Pepsin:

One of the main digestive enzymes that break down protein into small pieces.

It helps your body to absorb more protein without any hindrance and that could contribute to your healthier physique.

Trenorol Cycle

If you are about to do Trenorol cycle, make sure you do 3 months for the maximum benefits.

Trenorol cycle for bulking can be stacked with other bulking or strength gain supplements in order to fulfill any form of lacking if by chance exist.

Trenorol cycle can be done for the whole 3 months; even you can do it for a whole year without any occurrence of side effects.

My trenorol cycle duration was about 3 months in which I never laid my hands on any other supplement besides tren.

Trenorol Dosage

The dose for Trenorol is 3 capsules a day. One bottle of Trenorol contains 90 capsules, which will last you for a month.

My trenorol dosage was advised by my instructor which was “1 capsule in the morning and 2 capsules 30 minutes before starting a workout”.

It takes only a few days to get developed in your system and begin to show the real effects.

There is no need for an extra career, I mean you can take these capsules with plain water and they are good to go.

My Trenorol Results

I ordered 3 month’s supply for my Trenorol cycle. 

Here is what I am going to tell what I experienced following every month.

1st Month

I started using Trenorol with a daily workout plan right after my shift ends. To me, the first week just went without any significant changes.

Then comes the 2nd Week where I finally see the effects.

Trenorol Cycle

It’s true that these legal steroids demand a beast like a workout schedule which is good for your own sake.

Talking about the energy-boosting effects, the 2nd week, with Trenorol was unforgettable.

I remember coming home from the gym and had some nasty sex with my fiancée to which she said: “ I never felt so satisfied before”.

Well, honey neither did I, but the credit goes to Trenorol for boosting my endurance level.

At the last of the 1st month, there were about 3 pounds of increment in my weight.

 2nd Month

I didn’t know the exact workout tactics but with only a month with Trenorol, I can lift and press benches like a professional.

All my homies at the gym encouraged me to do more time at the gym, which I think has become very much possible.

With the help of Trenorol, I developed stronger shoulders and biceps which contribute in my appearance. In the midst of 2nd month I started doing crunches and it was the end of the 2nd month I noticed I’ve gained 2 more pounds.

You perform any tougher task and it will repair your muscles in no time which enables you to do another session with ease.

As far as my social life concern, I’m pretty unrecognizable to many of my colleagues.

3rd Month Trenorol Results

Has anyone felt bloated with the supplement when they started using it?

A lot of people complained about it, but as far as my trenorol cycle concerns, the only side effect I got was minor headaches which were gone after a good night’s sleep.

Trenorol before and after

Its 3rd month and I have put some mass on my chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps; I am still working on wings which will be done in the upcoming weeks.

In overall 3 months, I noticed my energy level was in an ideal state.

As a medical professional we are demanded to stay sharp and alerted at our workplace to which Trenorol is such a blessing.

With physical health, my mental health is also improved which allows me to focus on any given task.

Trenorol Benefits
  • Instant muscle gain within weeks
  • Power up your physical stamina
  • Turns your soft mass into the ripped form of meat
  • Eliminate fats from your buttocks and thighs, requires leg day once a week
  • Makes you the sexually satisfying person
  • No harmful effects
  • No doctor’s prescription needed

Can You Find Trenorol in Amazon, Walmart or GNC?

Unfortunately, the availability of Trenorol in GNC or Amazon is suspicious.

Hell, I tried to purchase it from GNC and they told me I can find this particular product online only.

No Amazon or WalMart could help you if you don’t know how to place an order online.

Where to Buy Trenorol Online?

Crazy Bulk is the sole manufacturer of legal steroids in the US which has its own online website.

From there you can purchase Trenorol with maximum discounts and it’s easier than many online webs you see.

Buy Trenorol

Simply click on their link and place your order right away.

Do They Have Any Offer?

Yes, they do, Crazy Bulk offers different varieties of discounts from time to time.

Like for example, these days they are offering “Buy 2 get 1 for free” deal, which can fix the 3 months cycle deal for you.

Final Thoughts – Is Trenorol Ideal for Bodybuilding?

Steroids exhibit powerful effects on the human body by making it stronger and heavier.

Trenbolone was the steroid of the year at that time where people weren’t acknowledged about the side effects, but as they got to know about the actual hazards it was instantly banned from the market.

If it wasn’t for legal alternatives, I wouldn’t have gone for Trenorol.

Having said that, trenorol has changed the entire misconception I used to have about legal steroids.

Anyone who wants to taste the exact same effects of Trenbolone without any side effects, my suggestion is to try Trenorol for at least a week and see what it can do.

I am very much happy with Trenorol results for it has completely transformed me into an actual man before which I was just a thin guy with no marked masculine feature.

Needless to say, Trenorol does what it says, slowly but it will get you to your bodybuilding goals peak.


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